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Back in 1997. I was traveling home from work early one afternoon, and in my car was some shelving that my husband was going to use. It was a beautiful sunny day in February. Wehad had some snow and I was climbing a hill when a snow drift came across the road. Underneath the snow was some black ice which I hit and it sent my car flying off the side of a 30' embankment.

I remember that day like it happened yesterday. It changed my life and my belief system for ever. I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me out of the car as it was going over the bank. I literally watched the entire accident from the top of the bank as if I was watching a movie. I stood there next to one of my spirit guides. I know he is my spirit guide because I knew him while he was earth-bound. He died in his early 20's from a brain tumor in 1986. He protected me then and he is still doing so today. That day he was angelic-looking. The aura around him was absolutely gorgeous. I remember having a conversation with him but I don't recall what was said. I just remember how calm and quiet everything was.

We stood there watching the accident, and when the car came to rest on its roof, I was back in the car. Upside down, I was hanging by my seat belt over the steering wheel. Many investigators were on the scene that day but no one could explain how I survived that car accident.

When the police investigated and saw that the shelving went through the windshield, they knew that I should have been decapitated. Not only that, but no one could explain how my eye glasses got placed neatly in the hatchback. It was as if they were placed there after the accident, because there is no way they could have survived intact; and yet there they were without a scratch.

Remembering vividly the hand on my shoulder pulling me through the back of the car explains to me how the glasses got back there: in my OBE I did not need glasses to see. Physically I can't see two feet in front of me without them.

The other thing that would have seriously injured me was a fence that came through the driver's side door; one of the posts came up through the shifter on the floor. The police investigators said that the barbed wire should have ripped me apart. But I walked away from that accident without a scratch.

I hesitated to tell anyone what I experienced that day because I was afraid they would think I had lost my mind. But when they kept asking how I could have survived when the shelves should have gone through my head, and the barbed wire should have ripped my midsection apart, I have finally told my story.

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Posted 7-15-2013