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I was about 21 when I had my first OBE. I was lying in bed between being awake and asleep when all of a sudden it felt like I was falling down a dark pit. I couldn't move or speak but I was fully aware of what was happening.

The next thing I knew, I could see myself lying on the bed. It scared me and I quickly sat up in the bed and thought to myself it was just a nightmare. But as soon as my head touched the pillow, it started happening again. This told me it could not have been a nightmare.

Several years went by and I would have occasional episodes of sleep paralysis, but no OBE's. When I first experienced S.P., I thought I was having a seizure. Then one morning, I was listening to talk radio, and the topic was OBE's. The guest was talking about involuntary OBE's. This occurs after a sleep paralysis episode. The guest on the talk show described the feeling during sleep paralysis, and it was what I had felt many times. He said that if you can make it through the vibrational state of S.P., you can have an OBE. I was having three or four S.P. episodes a week, so I decided to try it.

The next time I had an episode I remained calm, and the next thing I knew I was traveling through the clouds. I could feel the breeze blowing across my face but I didn't have a physical body. Then all of a sudden I was back in my body in the bed.

A week or so later I was having an S.P. episode, so I decided to get up and watch TV for a few minutes. Usually if I got up, I would not have another episode that night. When I got out of the bed to go to the living room, the bedroom was pitch black. So I wandered in the direction of the door and reached for the knob. At that moment it felt like someone on each side of me grabbed my arms and pulled me back towards the bed. The whole time I thought I was physically getting out of the bed, but it was just my spirit, because all of a sudden I was sitting back up in the bed again, physically in my body.


Posted 11-24-03