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My Visits to the Monroe Institute

I have had many OBE's and learned so much more by attending several weekly programs at the Monroe Institute, founded by Bob Monroe, in Faber, VA. [] The programs are very well organized and operated by true professionals. I was also able to meet and talk with like-minded individuals who attended the programs from all over the world. Each weekly group has about 20 to 25 people. The Monroe Institute has also created many different types of CD's and Program Sets that are helpful teaching tools to achieve different states and levels of consciousness. They can be used for healing, meditation, and guidance for almost any part of your life. They act as training wheels at first while you are trying to learn a meditation technique. After you have listened and learned how to obtain a desired level of meditation, you can then do so without using the CD or cassette tape.

I happened to attend a Monroe Institute program that also included three Buddhist Monks, and they said the tapes helped them attain a level of meditation in just a few hours of listening that had taken them ten years to learn on their own.

I have traveled through space, talked with my Spirit Guides, and even met my brother and a close friend who both had died a few years earlier. There is so much more to life and death than can ever be taught or accepted by so many traditional religions today. I like to say, when people ask me to donate money to a church, that I didn't know that God had a cash flow problem! I am always willing to help a person in need, but building castles for God isn't what I think we are here for.

A lot of people think that Lucid Dreaming and OBE's are the same thing. I've had many experiences of both and can tell you they are completely separate experiences. There are numerous levels of dreaming and several types of OBE's, some in this physical realm and others in nonphysical realms, and even mixtures of both. I've sometimes thought that the dark matter the scientists are looking for, that they believe makes up 96% of our Universe's mass, may be the energy systems of other dimensions or nonphysical realms that have a gravitational pull or attachments to our physical universe. It is all so much more than most can even imagine.

[The foregoing is an edited version of emails received from the author and approved by him.]

Greg Petras

Posted May 25, 2007