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I Saw My Mother Miles Away

I want to share my out-of-body-experience in hopes it might shine a light into those, like me, seeking answers.

Since I was very young, I suffered from sleep paralysis. As I got older, the episodes got longer, more intense. I soon started having lucid dreams, then shortly after, out-of-body- experiences. It was not until about two years ago that I was able to confirm that they were in fact out-of-body-experiences and not just dreams.

One night, I had an episode. First my body was paralyzed, then I felt a strong current through my body, and lastly a strong yank, as if my soul was being pulled from my physical body. I started flying.

I wound up in front of my mom (who lived five hours away from me). I could feel myself light, almost transparent. I floated. My vision, what I was seeing, seemed quite lucid, yet dreamlike.

When I “woke up” from this “dream,” I decided to test what I had seen by calling my mom and asking her what she was wearing. I described to her what I had seen in my “dream,” from what she was wearing to where she was and whom she was with. She got quiet and asked how I knew all of that information. I told her.

Ever since then, I now know that those “dreams” I had following a sleep paralysis episode weren’t in fact dreams but out-of-body-experiences – astral projection, clairvoyance.

I am now learning the ability to somewhat control and even trigger these episodes. Sometimes when I lie on my arm to the point that it starts going numb, then the rest of my body starts going numb also and causes an episode.

Jhoanna P.

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Posted Feb. 23, 2016