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My Etheric Legs

I was lying on the bed during a lazy afternoon when I suddenly felt very strongly that my legs were rising into the air, up from the bed. It was a bit confusing as I didn't seem to be really controlling the movement even though I could feel the sensation of movement.

I had a look and wow! there were my "real" legs lying on the bed, and there were these silvery grey legs floating up in the air, and they were the ones I could actually feel, not the ones on the bed.

They appeared to be coming from "within" my physical legs. Rather like steam rising from water?!
At one point, I felt a hot, searing feeling in my solar plexus, as if my misty legs were being pulled from a point which was "pinned." Because of this "sticking," the rest of me couldn't float up, only my legs. It actually hurt. "Ouch!" In a way, I could compare it to ripping apart really new, strong velcro!

I have had other OBEs where I experienced leaving and coming back to my body, but this is the only time I have seen my etheric body, I presume with my physical eyes. How strange but how very interesting.

Noreen Harbecke

Posted Oct. 29, 2007