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While going through some troubled times in my life, I asked God to comfort me during prayer. I had gone to bed and couldn't sleep. As I was praying, I began to feel my soul inside my body. It was the same shape as my body and I realized that with some effort I could pull my hand through my wrist, my feet through my ankles and my head through my neck. I was all curled up in the center of my body. God then led me out of my body and up above my bed. I floated there for a short time, then suddenly was back in my body. I wasn't sure what had happened but I felt relaxed and refreshed. I thanked God and went to sleep.

There were times when I sought comfort so desperately that I hurried to leave my body without God's help. Once I found myself in the presence of horrid looking faces and hands with scissors that threatened to cut the golden cord that connects my soul to my body. I asked God's forgivness for my selfishness in trying to do this without his help.

One night recently when this happened, I didn't feel troubled or seek comfort, but felt very close to God. As I lay down to go to sleep after prayer, I felt a tickling sensation in my stomach like being on an amusement park ride. I asked God to guide me and stay with me as I felt my soul leave my body. He led me farther this time, out into the night sky. I had never seen nor could I imagine so many stars. They seemed to be all around me. Then, very quickly, God led me back to my body. I felt so full of life, excited about the reality of everlasting life and thankful for this blessing God had given me. I knew there was no limit to the length of the golden cord. God could lead me anywhere and I would go gratefully.

Another time this happened, my father was in the Intensive Care Unit with blood clots in his lungs. I was very worried about him and needed to see that he was alright before I could sleep that night. I had not been to the Intensive Care Unit before nor did I know where it was in relationship to the outside of the building. I found myself flying down the road to get there and entering through the outside of the building two stories up. I did not know what room number he was in but I found myself going straight to it. My father was lying in bed and seemed alright, so I left.

The next day when I was allowed to go in and visit him, he was in the same room where I had seen him the night before, and the room was where I had entered the hospital through the wall. I knew I had to tell him about what had happened (assuming he would think I was crazy) but he said he had left his body too and had been sitting on top of the clock hanging on the wall! I couldn't believe it: he not only didn't doubt me, but knew exactly what I had experienced!

I know this is the greatest blessing God has given me. Having no doubt that the soul exists has made my faith much stronger.


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Posted 11-23-03