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Observing A Friend's OBE

My friend, Chris, and I have had psychic experiences separately and together for many years. Chris regularly went out of body and could remember her trips. I may have gone out of body too, but I don't readily recall these events. I did know, however, that she liked to frolic about so much when she was out of body that she would wait until the very last minute to return to her physical body. Then she would slam into her body so hard that she'd literally jerk upon re-entry. I told her, after I had witnessed this a couple of times, that she was awfully hard on herself. Then she began to get a clue as to why she felt so incredibly tired after these events.

One time when we were camping, Chris witnessed my return to my physical body after an OBE. She told me that I had drifted in above my body, looked in her direction as if acknowledging her presence, and folded my arms across my chest. While my spiritual self was in a sitting position, my physical body was lying down. I merely laid back down into my body. It was a gentle re-entry, I guess as an example to Chris.

Later on that evening, I saw Chris return to her body. I didn't immediately recognize her, since she was not wearing her glasses. She re-entered as I had shown her earlier, and, while it was my first experience to see someone do that, it felt so natural that I merely acknowledged her return and rolled over and went to sleep!

The next morning, we compared notes and found our experiences so similar that we were astonished. She thanked me for teaching her how to re-enter her body, and since then she's been much kinder to her physical self.

Loretta Miller

Posted April 26, 2004