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Flying While My Body Sleeps

I started getting out-of-body experiences as a child before I even knew what they were. I also get sleep paralysis as well, so that may help me have OBE’s. During the first one, the vibrations started happening but I didn’t panic, I just went with it. Once the vibrations stopped I pulled myself out of my body and was hovering over it. I then looked around my room and saw the door, so I decided to try to leave my house. As I flew to the door, I could not control my body and I started bouncing off the walls like a rubber ball. So I panicked and woke up.

After that I found out about OBE’s and thought I’d try it again. A couple of months later it happened again. This time I got out of my body and headed for the door and opened it. When I did, I was shocked. Things were a little blurry and there were shadow people walking in my hallway. When I looked at them, they all stopped and stared at me. I’ll admit I was scared. I shut the door and ran back to my body and woke up. I feel like these shadow people/spirits did not expect me to be there. It was like I was in their world and maybe shouldn't have been. Maybe they walk the halls every day, but I had found a way to see them and they were shocked.

I started a new job after graduation where we get an hour break every day at 1.00 p.m. That’s the halfway point of the day and I’d be tired from being up too late, so I would sleep in a computer chair in the lunch room with the lights off. It started happening every time I sat in that chair. I would have an OBE.

During one of the coolest experiences I had, I was in the lunchroom and came out of my body and was walking around in there. My phone was charging across the room on a table so I walked over to it, looked at my phone and saw it said 1.58 p.m. I had to be back at work at 2. So I went back to my body, woke up very curious, ran to my phone and it said 1.58 pm. That blew my mind; it was like I was wandering in a different dimension in the same world. I really like flying around while my body sleeps. I’ve seen other people/spirits doing it at the same time I was. So other people are doing it but might not be talking about it.

I honestly hope everyone figures out how to have OBE’s. I’m still in the beginning stages and I’m 22 years old. It gets better each time and easier to control. Can you imagine: we have been trying to explore space wrong this whole time because we can do it faster and better through OBE’s.

Ryan Kindiak

Posted 9-21-14