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It was the day of my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary mass. The reception was at their home and the place was very crowded. I remember trying to find any of my siblings or any one I knew because I felt lonely. All I could see was women from the waist down and, more than anything, I noticed hands because that was what I could see at eye level.

I entertained myself by looking at them and noticing the difference between them, until I saw this hairy hand and heard an unexpected male voice that startled me. At that moment, I flew up to the ceiling where I felt safe. While there, I saw my mother and some of my siblings. I tried to talk to them but no one could hear me. Also, I could not distinguish conversations; all the talking was just one general humming sound.

I started to enjoy myself from up there, looking at the people, and flying all over the party. While I was there, my sister Diana joined me. She was one year old at the time. She asked me what was I doing up there. It was like we both knew that this was not the norm.

We talked for a while and then she left. Later, I saw my father looking worried and I knew he was searching for me. So I was back in my body when he found me. But during that day I went out-of-body at every opportunity I had. That was the only way for me to see what was going on. My first OBE that day was probably caused by loneliness, but the rest I think was my curiosity .

What amazes me is that my sister, who was an infant who couldn't talk yet at that time, could converse with me while we were OB in an easy-flowing dialog.

Sonia Hemmings

Posted Mar. 19, 2011