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I had some childhood experiences when I was between 10-13 years old. I would call them "near" out-of-body experiences.

Each time, I was lying in bed, half asleep. The first time, all of a sudden I felt my feet being pulled toward the ceiling, with the rest of me following. The only part of me that hadn't left my body was my head; I was pretty much standing upside down on my head struggling against being pulled out of my body any further. After what seemed like a long time, I felt myself go back into my body and I woke up.

The second time, half asleep, I felt myself stand straight up from a lying down position; I remember panicking, realizing that my body was still on the bed but I was now standing. Then, wham! felt myself go back into my body and I woke up.

I have never had an OBE since. I was wondering if my spirit was just too frightened and I essentially "taught" myself not to have anymore because it was too scary.

Pamela Kelley

Posted June 19, 2009