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My new grandson was very ill and we despaired for his life. There was an orb in the room (which I have a picture of). I was lying down looking at the orb, and I told whatever was trying to take my grandson's life to take me instead.

As I lay there, I felt my etheric feet lift off the bed about a foot, and I left my body through the bottoms of my feet. It was as if someone had a suction on the bottoms of my feet and sucked me out. I flew feet-first for about 100 miles as fast as light, although I had no sense of direction. I was still attached to my body and my feet were fluttering as if they were going very fast in a wind. I tried to look at myself when I was flying, but I could see nothing. All I felt was the wind.

I had no idea when, but at some point the direction reversed and my spirit settled back into my body. At first it felt uncomfortable, as though my spirit didn't fit quite right, but then it shifted, like it shimmied to fit, and settled in. My heart was pumping very rapidly as my etheric feet slowly settled back onto the bed. I said, "What do you want?" "Can I help you?" but all I got was a playful feeling, like it was trying to show me not to be afraid

I woke up to discover I was lying on my back with my feet crossed, not at all as in the projection where I had been face down. It felt cool and it was very neat. I had had an out-of-body experience when I was nine, but I did not travel, I only went to the ceiling and hovered. Since I had that first experience, I am not afraid of death. I am studying near-death experiences, doing research about women who may experience NDE's with miscarriage or perinatal death.

Eileen Tapper

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