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A Two-year-old's OBE

I had a near death experience when I was a child. I fell over a hose while holding a soda bottle and a fishing pole in my hands. The glass and fish hook tore my left hand open.

My father carried me inside the house, and I could see both my parents as I floated to the ceiling of the bathroom. My father was holding my left arm up and applying pressure to the palm of my hand, and my mother was crying. She had on a white sleeveless blouse with shorts.

Although it was dark around me, I don't think I made it through the tunnel. Someone met me before I got there. I heard a male voice and I could feel his presence. He never left my side the whole time I was floating at the ceiling. He soothed my spirit with his gentle, calming voice. We spoke telepathically.

He told me that I had to go back. I told him, "I don't want to go back," because I was amazed at the feeling of peace and serenity. I could see that my parents' pain and suffering was nothing to worry about, so I had no desire to go back. We lingered together in the spirit for a while, and then he said again, "You must go back now." This wonderful entity knew more than I did, and he guided me back to my body. Instantly, I woke up in the hospital.

It was a beautiful feeling floating with this spirit and talking to him. There is no word in the English language to describe what it felt like, except beautiful. I was two years old at the time and, even though I am 48 today, I can still remember every detail explicitly. I think it is remarkable that a two-year-old should remember the event in such detail and be able to be objective about the experience. But the soul is older than the physical body. I did not feel like a two-year-old child. I felt I knew more, like I was an older person. That experience had a great impact on my years as a child.

Christine Whatley

Posted Sept. 1, 2004