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A 1948 OBE

I am an 81 year old widow who had the following OBE in 1948 which remains as vivid and inspiring as the day I experienced it as a young bride aged 19 years.

I was alone in our small apartment, as my young husband was attending classes at a Jesuit college in Detroit, MI. I was new to the U.S. and hadn`t yet made friends or become familiar with "the big city," so I spent most of my time reading.

One of my husband's subjects was philosophy which had interested me from an early age in the U.K. So I read some of his course books to "keep up with him." I wasn`t too familiar with Plato, which he had underlined for his own use, and I became intrigued with Phaedo and Plato`s themes on death and the soul`s survival.

I reread many passages of Phaedo, then put the book on my lap and, gazing ahead, thought, "How beautiful . . . if only I could believe this is so."

IMMEDIATELY, in a split second, I found myself up in the corner of the ceiling of my apartment, and looking down I saw myself sitting in my chair with the book on my lap! A prayer answered, proof given?

At that time, there were no books published on OBE`s, so I was totally ignorant on the subject. Needless to say, I was convinced it was a true and valid experience which changed my life and my belief in survival after death.

June Benedict

Posted June 6, 2011