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Falling Into My Body

I have a clear memory of being in a huge white room with craters in the floor that contained a clear unmoving liquid. The edges of the craters came up to about chest level and were uneven, almost like rock but pure white.

There were shadowy figures standing around the craters who had a humanoid appearance. Some looked like humans wearing clothing or with hoods covering their heads. Others had the basic human shape but with unique differences, like oversized arms or legs. A few had horns, some on their heads, others on their shoulders. All of them where shrouded in shadow so their features were unclear

Everyone was standing around the craters when I became aware of my surroundings. I walked toward one of the craters in the back, somehow knowing to go to that particular one. As I approached it I felt that I knew the people around it. One of the figures to my right touched the water as I got close to the edge of the crater and caused a ripple to run briefly across the surface.

I looked down into the water and saw a young girl asleep in a bed on the bottom of the crater. I asked the figure to my left who the girl was. The figure told me that the girl was who I was going to be from then on. I started to protest but my head was shoved into the water and I was falling. As I fell I managed to get one last look at the figures that stood around the crater above and saw their eyes watching me fall.

As I fell into place on the bed, I woke up suddenly and with a racing heart ran downstairs to my mom's computer room and asked her what I was. She didn't understand the question and so I asked again, but this time I said, "What am I? Am I a boy or a girl?" I remember feeling relieved when she told me I was a girl.

I never told anyone about the memory until a few years ago. I was three at the time. The memory has always stayed in the back of my mind and has been easy to recall. I strongly feel that it was a memory and not a dream, as some would like me to believe. The memory felt so real that I could feel the clothing on my body, and I could feel my feet hit the floor as I walked. I truly felt as though I was in that place.

I do not think that it was a physical place; it was more like a room full of souls waiting to be reincarnated. When I talk or write about this memory, it's like watching a movie replay in my head.



Posted January 5, 2017