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Darnell's Visits

My boyfriend Darnell went out to a friend’s house for drinks. I woke up looking for him at 2:00 in the morning. He walked into our room and we spoke about our upcoming trip and how he wanted me to go shopping to get prepared. He was so excited. I was half asleep and in a daze. I remember him telling me how he wanted to smoke. And as I watched him talk, I remember thinking how handsome he appeared, more than usual. I don't remember dozing off, but when I woke up he wasn’t lying next to me and our daughter, although I felt he was there.

A knock came at the door and I thought it was him. Not wondering why he didn’t have his key, I opened the door and there stood a officer asking me about my truck: did I know who was driving it? Still in a daze, I looked out the window and didn’t see my truck. Apparently Darnell had taken the truck. I said that to the officer who informed me that Darnell had been killed in a car accident.

A day or two after his passing, strange things started happening. My mom told me that Darnell had come to her in a dream and had told her that he was in a better place and to take care of his wife and daughter.

In another incident, I was looking for a piece of computer equipment. I searched everywhere, including the dresser drawer, but could not find it. I found myself asking Darnell for help. Then I went to bed. Upon waking, I began looking for the item again. Something prompted me to look in the dresser drawer again and there, in plain sight, was the thing I was looking for.

Another time, my daughter woke up screaming, saying she saw a man sitting next to her. He called her "little one." Darnell always called her “little one.” She said he had her daddy’s voice

The last most meaningful thing I want to share is: after we left the apartment, we travelled to another city and stayed with my aunt. As I unloaded my things from my sister’s car, a snowplow drove slowly by. The strange thing is that Darnell was inside looking around as if searching for someone. Then our eyes locked for a minute before the snow plow was gone down the street. What touched my heart was that Darnell had told me that if I ever left to go to my aunt’s house, he would come find me and my daughter. He loved us so much. We were his family.

Since then Darnell has sent a few other signs to let me know he is around. He hasn't come to me in a dream like he has twice to my daughter and once to my mother. I know he loves me and I am hoping he visits me soon in a dream, just to reassure me that we will be a family once again in heaven.


Posted January 5, 2017