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I recently came across some notes I made after watching a certain TV show. I neglected, however, to note the name of the show or who produced it. My brief memo merely reminds me that during the program, one of the participants spoke about swimming with a dolphin named "Jean Louise." He says that the dolphin was so superior to him in her environment that she played with him like he would play with a kitten. She picked the games and she was the master of all of them. They communicated through body language, making a clear effort to get acquainted, and together they explored their environment as children do, through playing games.

Changing the subject, I attended a study group a few nights ago with some friends who are deeply into new thought. I was most interested in talking with a young lady of 20 whom I have known since I baptized her when she was a baby. It became obvious early on that she is unusual. She was born with the ability to see auras. She would hold up her hand and ask me, "Can you see the light around my fingers?" I could see nothing. Looking at me in mock pity, she would shake her head, and sigh. "It's so clear and bright," she would say. "I don't understand how you can't see it!" Very frustrating! She can also lay hands on a person and tell where they are hurting, and then help relieve their pain. I can't do that either. I think my spiritual software is outdated. I hope the next time around I get a newer version.

You've probably heard of the Indigo Children. They are significantly different from all previous generations. The name indicates the Life Color they carry in their auras and is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which represents intuition and psychic ability. Indigos have extreme levels of sensitivity and giftedness. Their nonconformity to systems and to discipline makes it difficult to work with them, but it will also help them accomplish enormous goals, such as changing the educational system. The Indigo Children have come to raise the vibration level of our planet and lead us to the next stage of human evolution!

I once talked with a five-year-old girl who had just performed what I considered a remarkable feat. I said to her, "I couldn't do that." She looked at me with a funny little shrug, and said, "I know. That's because kids are smarter than grown-ups."

If I can no longer hold my own with a 20-year-old whom I once held as an infant, if a kindergartener already knows she's more capable than I am, and if even a dolphin is so superior in her own world that she might consider me a somewhat retarded pet, how can I claim to know all there is to know about God? Wisdom is rolling into our world in tsunami-like waves, in the spirits and minds of new generations, and these souls will take our race to places which we can't yet imagine. The main obstruction to an even faster rate of evolution comes from adult generations who think they already know it all, and who insist that their discredited methods will eventually save the world.

Posted 1-04-06

Copyright: John W. Sloat 2006