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Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality

In the previous meditation, I quoted a pastor who listed some New Thought concepts and then tried to explain why they were false as far as Christianity is concerned. This time I would like to look at some of those same categories through the eyes of physicists. In the recent movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?," a group of scientists is asked to discuss modern views of the world in terms of quantum mechanics. Following are some of their comments.

MONISM. [The belief that all is one and one is all.]

Knowing that we are all interconnected and that we are connected to the universe at its fundamental level is, I think, as good an explanation for spirituality as there is.

This may sound like a New Age claim, but quantum mechanics is telling us that the deepest level of truth uncovered by science and philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity.

At the deepest subnuclear level of our reality, you and I are literally one.

ALL IS GOD. [If all is one, including God, then all is God.]

I am at one with the great being that made me and brought me here and that formed the galaxies and the universe. How did that get taken out of religion? Most of the problems that religion has produced have been caused by the idea that God is a distinct being, separate from us, to whom I must offer worship and from whom I hope to earn a reward at the end of my life. That is not what God is. That is a blasphemy

CHANGE IN CONSCIOUSNESS. [We must become cosmically conscious, also known as self-realization or enlightenment]

Consciousness is the ground of all being. All of us one day will reach the level of Buddha and Jesus.

Why is this planet steeped in the enormous subjection of religion? Because people have set up right and wrong. "If I do this I'm going to get punished by God, and if I do the other thing I'm going to get rewarded." This is a poor description because there really is no such thing as good or bad. We're judging things far too superficially that way. Does that mean we're in favor of sin? No. It simply means there are things that I do that will evolve me. There are other things that will not evolve me. But it's not good or bad. And there's no god waiting to punish you because you did one or the other

CREATE THEIR OWN REALITY. [New Agers believe they can determine reality by what they believe, so by changing what they believe, they can change reality.]

Our mind literally creates our body.

Your consciousness influences others around you, it influences material properties, it influences your future. You are co-creating your future.

Most people don't affect reality in a consistent substantial way because they don't believe they can. If you accept with every rudiment of your being that you will walk on water, it will happen. But our so-called belief is really only a smear of positive thinking covering a whole mass of negative thinking.

We've been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. This new model of science says just the opposite. It says that what's happening within us will create what's happening outside of us.

Posted May 1, 2005