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Pre-planning a Life
Something a little different this time. I came across a fascinating website recently, entitled "Afterlife Files,"* hosted by Freestone Wilson. With his permission, I would like to share some of the ideas he recorded in a piece dated Friday, July 02, 2004.

His revelations seem to come in dreams. In this particular dream, he was shown how souls learn about their future life on the earth. We are enabled to see the entire lifescript of our next incarnation.

He says that the script contains 'choice points" where our soul can choose one of many options. At these points, according to him, we can see the ramifications of every possible choice, "as if someone were in an airplane 1000 feet over a 300 acre farm and the whole farm is seen at once."

The consequences of all our difference options exist until the moment when we make a choice about which way to go. At that moment, all the other consequences disappear. He describes it this way:

If the soul had a choice between joining the army or going to college, he would see the results of both actions. Suppose he chose to go to college. Then the "reality" of his army experiences no longer exists. But, in addition, whatever is chosen also affects what comes before. For instance, if he chose the college path in the fall of 2001, then he would have signed up for certain college courses in 1999 before he even knew he would be going to college. If, on the other hand, he decided to join the army in 2001, he would have taken up an offer from his friend in the summer of 1999 to go on an "Outward Bound" experience. If he had chosen college, the friend would not even have asked him two years earlier.

Suppose a 2010 choice would have led him to do something terrible, like killing someone. This particular soul might set it up so that he himself would be killed in a car accident in 1998. His desire to avoid becoming a murderer is so strong that he makes sure that he would not exist in 2010 to commit the crime. If, on the other hand, he chose another path, one which would not lead him to murder, then that oncoming car would not run the stop sign.

Now, I have no idea whether any of this is true, but it does stimulate our thinking. Our life is not just a jumble of unrelated experiences. It does not happen in a random fashion where nothing is thought out ahead of time, and every moment is a meaningless accident. God is the creator who has designed us to be creators also. We have a great deal to say about the shape and direction of our life. We need to be conscious about the decisions we make, and to know that every breath we take affects the universe.


Posted 9-1-04

Copyright: John W. Sloat 2004