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[Ed. Note] One of our readers by the name of Darryl Burks sent us the following account. I thought it was so important that I asked for permission to publish it here. It involves a revelation which is being received by more and more people these days. If something similar has happened to you, please let us know at Thank you. JWS]

I had a most interesting experience yesterday. I had finished my morning meditation and exercise and was listening to a lecture by the philosopher Alan Watts. I was thinking of the nature of the universe as it is described by physicists, and suddenly I KNEW how it all fits together: we are all part of something grand. We are not separate, but each one of us is a unique expression of a greater whole.

I KNEW that God is not some being sitting on a throne scowling at us, but that we and He are part of the same essence. This isn't just an idle thought but an awareness that went to the core of my being.

I suddenly feel free from the guilt drummed into me since an early age, free from the fear of not being good enough to get into heaven, free from the thought that I am always under scrutiny by some higher power deciding if I measure up.

The Buddhists talk about getting trapped in the world of 10,000 things, but the universe is just ONE big thing which expresses itself in an infinite number of ways. Like the ocean expressing itself as an infinite number of waves that rise and fall and return to OCEAN to be expressed again as another wave.

I am almost afraid to share this revelation with people because of how they may react. I'm almost afraid to admit it to myself. But I also feel the need to share it with everyone, as if I'd found a great secret no one else knows, but a secret that everyone should know.

Posted 6-6-14

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