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Reborn Within the Family

I'm always interested when things come to me in threes. It's as though God is going to extra lengths to get my attention, to drive home a point that might be worth exploring. This happened recently in connection with the subject of rebirth.

I had just finished reading Children's Past Lives, How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, by Carol Bowman. Then, recently, someone called my attention to another of Bowman's books, published in 2001. It is titled Return From Heaven, Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family. In the forward, James Van Praagh reports that, in this book, Bowman presents case studies of relatives who have reincarnated into the same family - grandfathers who return as their own great-grandsons, uncles who return as their own nieces, mothers switching places with their daughters, and children who died tragically young returning to the same mother. He says the book is based on the direct observations of young children who convince skeptical family members that they are the returned spirit of a departed relative.

A week ago we published a story submitted by Beckie Branham entitled My Son, My Brother in which she gives quite compelling details to prove her contention that her brother, who was tragically killed at age fifteen, has returned as her son. Some of her young son's memories concern events that only the brother could have known about.

Several days ago, I received another submission, this one also involving a tragic death. The writer tells of her son who died at age two, and of the grief that the family experienced in connection with this loss. When she spoke to a psychic about her son's death, the psychic was able to see the son standing alongside his mother. The mother was told that her son wanted to return to the family, but that his former parents had to make this possible. Within months, the woman became pregnant, and the psychic told her that her former son's spirit had definitely reincarnated in this baby who was on the way. However, the child was going to be a girl. At the time of this writing, the mother is about to give birth. We will be interested to hear the rest of the story.

We know, from many accounts, that we tend to reincarnate in groups, so as to experience relationships from every possible angle. We may well have been, in the past, mother, father, sister and best friend to the same person, through many distinct lifetimes. It is one thing to learn this as a theory. It is quite another to have people testify that this theory is fact.

Life is a lot more complex and interesting than we often think.

Posted 9-02-06

Copyright: John W. Sloat 2006