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The Cord of Connection

[One of our regular visitors, Sherrie, responded to the request in the previous meditation and shared her own story of Oneness.]

In the late 1990’s my husband and I became friends with his best friend’s sister named Debbie. She and I really hit it off and we became fast friends. She was so interesting – smart, creative, and a little quirky.

We had two adolescent boys at the time and it was obvious that she did not really care too much for children. This caused some contention between her and my husband and, along with other things, eventually put a serious strain on the relationship. It got to the point where I had to choose between my husband or my friend. Of course, I chose my husband. This really grieved me because I was very sad to lose her friendship.

After about a week, I had a dream about her. I was shown in this dream that I could never really “lose” her because we were connected by a cord of some kind. It showed me that when we are close to someone, that cord is very dark, thick and strong, but when we are not very close, the cord is light, thin, and sometimes almost invisible. But it is still there! Then I was shown how we are all connected by these cords like a great spider web!

When I awoke from this dream I was filled with joy and felt like I had just been given an aha moment. It was like I remembered something I knew before, but had forgotten! It made sense and I was comforted knowing even though she and I would not be close and have a dark, thick cord, we would always be connected, and that was enough!

I wish I could express how real the dream was, and how much sense it made. I think this dream definitely refers to your “Oneness” category!

Sherrie Thomas-Woodside
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