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Speaking with the Boss

[We thank Krishnaraj Rao for another contribution to our series of meditations.]

Just re-read the meditation your former pastor wrote on New Age Characteristics. Lovely. The man really summed up our creed very neatly. I personally believe in all the principles that he mentioned, with only one exception: I feel it is somehow "wrong" to seek to contact spirits in any manner, unless maybe a spirit actually seeks to make contact with you.

My analogy is: God gives us a car and entrusts us with the job of becoming careful, skilful drivers. He keeps for himself the job of traffic administration, as well as road and vehicle maintenance. Apart from periodically checking the oil-levels and tyre-treads, we should not concern ourselves too closely with internal mechanisms, because it distracts us from our main job of learning to be good drivers!

If we sincerely feel that our life is somehow out-of-sync, and we have a bad feeling about things, the remedy is not to try to contact our guardian angel, spirit guide, etc., but to pray. True prayer in these moments is laying yourself open before God, and saying, "God, look, my life hurts. I'm not telling you what to do, just look at my life and do whatever you deem fit. I accept whatever you do; I always have and I always will, no matter what." And in moments of peace, tranquility and happiness, it's also necessary to cast a smiling glance upwards and let him see the joy within you.

Speaking for myself, this is all the spirit-knowledge that I need. While acknowledging that there may be angels and sundry spirits at work, my attitude is: I'm on first-name terms with the Boss, and I don't need to know or influence his secretary, receptionist or factory foreman.

One more thing: Prayer, as I speak of it, is not purely an act of volition. It is that, but it's also Grace. The Boss gives you his direct phone number, mobile number, etc., and takes your incoming calls. That's Grace. At times, I've known the inability to truly pray, and I consider such "exclusion from the Inner Circle" pure hell. On the other hand, if you find that your line of communication with the Boss is clear, it doesn't matter what sort of jam you're in here on earth; it's nonetheless heavenly.

Maybe I'm a little scared of the Boss, or maybe I love Him too much, but I don't want to cosy up to his receptionist or foreman. And I definitely don't want to go asking Him for petty favors. I'll manage with the vehicle that he's given me, and take the traffic conditions as they come.

Krishnaraj Rao
Bombay, India

Posted 6-15-05

Copyright: John W. Sloat 2005