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The Theology of Beyond Religion
We believe...
  • That God is unconditionally loving and accepting.
  • That we have an eternal spiritual identity which is part of God.
  • That we lived in the spirit world before our birth, and that we had a voice in choosing some of the circumstances into which we were born.
  • That because we are an eternal part of God, we all live multiple lives.
  • That we are surrounded by spiritual resources-angels, spirit guides-and that we can make contact with these entities to receive guidance and protection.
  • That what we call coincidence is evidence of the guidance of the spirit world according to laws as yet unknown to us.
  • That the purpose of our existence on earth is personal spiritual growth.
  • That death is merely a change of form on the way to the next spiritual experience.
  • That we retain in our oversoul all the accumulated wisdom of our multiple physical experiences.
  • That those who have died are near us and can make themselves known under certain circumstances.
  • That all religions have something valuable to offer, that all are attempting to discover the divine plan, but that no one religion has the ultimate and unique truth.
  • That the Bible is able to be understood on a number of levels, and that it supports the worldview which is described in this website.
  • That every person possesses a tiny ray of the light of God, and thus every person is capable of teaching us something about the truth of God.