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How to Use This Site

As you navigate around this site, you will find many fascinating stories. These stories illustrate the point we are trying to make. What is that point?

You and I are eternal spiritual entities who have existed with God from the beginning of creation. We have chosen to incarnate with each other in human form for reasons which are important to God, to us, and to the evolution of the race. As such, heaven is our true home. God, in order to help us in this difficult task of being human, has surrounded us with spiritual resources. These stories identify some of those resources.

Near-Death and Out of Body Experiences. We are not our bodies. When our bodies die, we continue to exist. Therefore, the physical world should not be our primary focus. It is a stage on which we perform in order to increase our spiritual consciousness.

Angel Communication. Each of us can establish links with the invisible world, signs through which our angels and guides can interact with us. It is thrilling to know that we are embraced and encouraged by spiritual friends daily because it enlarges our sense of our place in the divine plan.

After-Death Communication. Since we do not die but only change form, we need to remember that loved ones who have "died" are still with us. In certain circumstances, they can make themselves known to us. Knowing this makes a difference in how we deal with life's painful events.

Reincarnation. If we are eternal spirits, we seek a variety of ways in which to experience our divine potential. It is no longer logical to believe that we have only one physical life in the midst of an eternal existence. These stories help make this truth more believable.

Pre-Birth Experiences. If we live in spirit forever, and if we reincarnate from time to time, and if we can contact those who have "died", then there must be a point at which we prepare to come back into flesh. Pre-birth contacts should be no more surprising than post-death contacts. These stories will illustrate that point.

Coincidences are among the most dramatic and most ignored evidences of the spirit world interacting with the physical. There are both physical and spiritual laws which govern the universe. Coincidence is an example of the divine laws of attraction which are as yet unknown to most of us.

Write Us and tell us about your experiences. We want to be in touch with spiritually sensitive people who are interested in learning and growing, in making the invisible visible, and in converting the world into the Kingdom of God.